Look #4: Is it Spring yet?

I can’t be the only one who isn’t the biggest fan of winter. Don’t get me wrong, snow is so pretty and magical, but I have never enjoyed cold weather. Here in the south, our weather gets a little crazy….one day it will be 70+ degrees and the next it will get down to about 30 degrees. One week it’ll snow, the next it will be sunny and beautiful. I don’t mind it much, though, because we get to experience little bits of Spring all winter long!

The February edition of the Luxe Box came out today, and as always, it is fabulous! There are too many awesome things to show you in one post, but I put together two looks that remind me of Spring and Summer (which I can’t wait for!)

Look #4: Is it Spring yet? 1

This dress from ISON is so flowey and pretty! It also comes with a color change HUD with plenty of colors. I am also in LOVE with Moon Hair’s release for the LB this month. Who cares about allergies when you’ve got a sweet spring outfit like this one? I want to run through as many flower fields as I can find!

Look #4: Is it Spring yet? 2

And, of course I have to show something reminiscent of my favorite season: Summer! Since it gets pretty warm during spring in the south, we get to wear shorts and tank tops on super sunny days. My tank top is Azuchi’s LB release paired with shorts from Blueberry. I also brought my fancy turtle friends from Mish Mish! And yes, they come in rezzable, holdable, and companion forms. 🙂

P.S.: Do you guys remember those sculptie sandals sitting beside me on the dock? They’re an old Surf Couture item….and still one of my favorite pairs of sandals!


1st Photo:

Dress: "Layla" by ISON for LuxeBox Feb. '17 (color change HUD)
Boots: "Virginia" by EMPIRE for LuxeBox Feb. '17 (color change HUD)
Necklace: "Parisienne Love Heart" Necklace by Maxi Gossamer (NEW release!)

2nd Photo:

Top: "Monica" in Sunset by Azuchi for LuxeBox Feb. '17 (comes w/5 colors)
Shorts: "Cossy" in Blue by Blueberry
Turtles: "Fancy Turtle" by Mish Mish for LuxeBox Feb. '17

Other Credits:

Hair: "Anatra" in Blondes by Moon Hair for LuxeBox Feb. '17
Head: "Catya" Bento by Catwa, with "Bambi" applier in Peach by Pink Fuel
Body: Maitreya Lara
Props in 2nd Photo: Dock Pillows/Lantern- group gift from What Next
Sandals- Old item from Surf Couture
Both pictures taken on my homestead sim.

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