Look #3: Focus On Me

“Let’s find a light inside our universe now,
Where ain’t nobody keep on holding us down
Just come and get it, let them say what they say,
‘Cuz I’m about to put them all away”

Focus on Me! I couldn’t help but notice how much the Foxes outfit from January’s Luxe Box looks like Ariana Grande’s outfit in her music video. I am not necessarily a fan of Ariana…I like her music but she seems a little snobbish to me. However, that didn’t stop me from creating this cute look!

Look #3: Focus On Me 4

I don’t remember where I originally saw this pose prop, but it’s the “Focus” prop from GlamRus poses. I really love it, except for the fact that I think it’s made for system bodies only. My mesh body didn’t work for all the poses, which was kind of disappointing for $250L. I’m not sure if we will see creators start making stuff JUST for mesh bodies, since we’re all different sizes no matter what kind of body we have. It’s a super cute pose prop, though, and it comes with 10 different poses. It is also changeable to 5 different colors.

Look #3: Focus On Me 1

You guys are probably getting tired of me blogging stuff from the January Luxe Box, aren’t you? I’m sorry! I just love all the items so much. This 2-piece outfit comes in sizes for Maitreya Lara and Belleza Isis/Freya/Venus. It has a color change HUD with 10 different colors, and the option to color the side panels on the skirt.

Also, go check out my awesome shoes on the marketplace! They are a promo item from Empire, only $99L! They come with a color change HUD and are such a great deal. Empire is quickly becoming one of my new favorite shoe designers. I need to hide my wallet for a while…..

Look #3: Focus On Me 2

Look #3: Focus On Me 3

One thing you aren’t going to see come off of me for a while (maybe forever, lol) is my skin. I have pretty much worn Pink Fuel skins religiously since Mochi first created them. When I bought my Catya Bento head, I went straight to Pink Fuel to get an applier for it. That’s not to say other skins are not beautiful, I just really prefer the look and quality of her skins. They’re more “me” than any other skin on the grid that I’ve found! What skins do you like? Do you have a skin you wear more than others?


Hair: "Focus" in Variety Pack by Truth (comes w/color changing headband)
Outfit: "Luxe Box January" by Foxes (mesh body only)
Shoes: "Trollius" by Empire (marketplace promo item!)

Other Credits:

Body: Maitreya Lara
Skin: "Bambi" in Peach Catwa applier by Pink Fuel
Head: "Catya" Bento Head by Catwa
Pose Prop: "Focus" by GlamRus



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